About the Photo Sharing Service

Tired of over-complicated photo management web sites that make you jump through hoops just to share your photos with family and friends? Worried about the privacy implications of posting your pictures online? We were. That's why we created Picnshow.

Picnshow makes it simple to turn the digital photos from your camera or desktop into online slide shows that you can share whenever and with whomever you like in a few simple clicks.

What sets Picnshow apart from the many other photo sharing sites out there?

  • Simple to use: Picnshow is not a complicated photo management tool; it is designed to do one thing, and to do it well — share your photos online. In a few short minutes, you can go from snapping photos to sharing them with family and friends.
  • Private: With Picnshow, you choose who can view your photos. See our Privacy page for details.
  • No advertisements: At Picnshow we will not clutter your photo presentation with online ads. In addition to detracting from your photos they can confuse or annoy your friends and family. Instead let them enjoy the pictures you took!
  • No account for viewing: Send a link to your slide show without worrying about whether or not your audience has an account. There is no need for an account to view your shows, they just need the link and their web browser.
  • No software to install: No need to install any software to create your shows. Likewise there is no software needed to view a show. All the action takes place in your web browser.

About the Picnshow Team

Picnshow was created by and is lovingly tended to by Ragged Coast Software. We have a passion for creating innovative, high quality, and useful yet easy-to-use web-based software. We sincerely hope that the software we create makes your life simpler, saves you time and makes you the envy of your friends.

About the Technology Behind Picnshow

Picnshow runs on some of the latest and most advanced technologies for creating fast, dynamic, and user-friendly web-based applications. For those curious about some of the core technical pieces used to create Picnshow:

  • The Cappuccino web framework is used in the web browser to provide the editor's rich graphical user interface.
  • Ruby on Rails is used for server side processing, including serving both traditional web page content and handling client-server requests.
  • The Ubuntu distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system powers our servers.
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