What's New in Photo Sharing

Picnshow Is Now Using Secure Connections Exclusively

In our continuing efforts to provide the best service and ensure your privacy we are now exclusively using secure http connections. As a result all connections to our website will have URLs that starts with "https". The https protocol encrypts the information you send back and forth between your web browser and the picnshow website, improving security and preventing anyone from eavesdropping on the content of any communication with our servers.

This change should be seamless, requiring no action on the part of our users.

New Look on the Home Page

We had a few comments that the home page was a little unclear for some users. In particular the coda style slider used to describe our product was not an obvious widget for some folks. So we've simplified and reworked the page - we hope it is clear and easy to follow now.

Picnshow Regular Account Expanded!

After consulting with our early adopters we have decided to expand the Picnshow Regular account to include 3 shows and a total of 100 images across all of your shows. We wanted to give new users a better experience with the Regular account, and provide a more useful photo presentation service.

Our Extreme account still has the same great features, as always it includes 10 Gigabytes of storage and an unlimited number of shows.

Have a look at our pricing page for all the details

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