Viewer Keyboard Shortcuts

This is not exactly new, but it may well be news to many of our users. Some time ago keyboard shortcuts were added to the Picnshow show viewer. It is possible to use the keyboard to start or stop the show, skip forward and back photo by photo, and move directly to the beginning or end of a show. Here are the keys to use:

Arrow Keys
  • Space Bar - start or stop the photo show playback.
  • Left Arrow Key - display the previous photo in the show.
  • Right Arrow Key - display the next photo in the show.
  • Shift-Left Arrow Key - move directly to the start of the show.
  • Shift-Right Arrow Key - move directly to the end of the show.

These keyboard shortcuts work in both the regular viewer as seen by your friends and family, and the show preview in the editor. Try them out by playing our Wildflower photo show.